The Sun and Beauty Rooms offer the following Body Treatments:

Body Exfoliation (full body)                           £25.00
Body Exfoliation (legs only)                           £15.00


Body Sculpting - Brazilian Bum Lift                   £69.00
Combination of cavitation (ultrasound) and radiofrequency (skin tightening) provides the desired effect. Depending on the client we may use some crypolisis.


Body Universal Contour Wrap (easy inch loss)                   £50.00
£50 per session or £225 for 5 prebooked and prepaid. 

Universal Contour wraps are a safe and effective way with a guaranteed inch loss within just 2 hours using natural sea clay solutions . your body is wrapped in bandages for approximately 60 minutes gently removing toxins from the soft tissue of the body.  The wraps also help with diminishing cellulite and stretch marks. - £50.00 per treatment.

*Please note - A course of 3 treatments is recommended and should be 7-10 days apart*

Transdermal Therapy and Ultrasound  
Thigh and Buttock Treatment                           £30.00
For flaccidity and atrophic-appearing, this treatment gives firmness, elasticity and lift
Mobilization and metabolism of free fatty acids                           £30.00
Known to burn fat and improve muscle contraction by increasing basal metabolic activity, mobilization of triglycerides (lipolysis) and oxidation of free fatty acids



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