Facial Treatments

At The Sun and Beauty Rooms, we offer a range of facial treatments trailored to your skin type & condition, starting from your traditional cleanse/tone/moisturise to 24k gold facials that make you feel a million dollars!

Mini Facial £30.00
Cleanse, deep cleanse. mask, tone, moisturise  
Full Facial £40.00
This deeply rejuvenating treatment combines massage with nourishing products to leave you feeling bright and fresh. Facials for men are adapted using products designed specially for men  
Wake Up Facial £40.00
This nourishing treatment gives a whole new meaning to the word ''rejuvenation" Your skin will feel wide awake  
Facial for the Middle Aged Woman £40.00
Using Essential Oils to help lift those spirits, release negativity and helps to cool warm skin (using oils by Beverley Higham)  
Reiki Facial £25.00
This is a mini facial using natural products with the added benefit of receiving Reiki and Chakra balancing  
Microdermabrasion £25.00
Using a Diamond Tip wand - see our section on Microdermabrasion and it also includes our No Needle Meesotherapy and 5 new products.  Meso:Btox, Meso:Hydrafill, Meso:repair, Meso:fusion, Meso:celluderm  
Radiofrequency (R F) £40.00
Skin tightening using Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and strengthen skin structure, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Known as the leading anti-aging treatment, this improves skin tone and texture. This procedure can be used for body tightening also.  
24k Gold Facial Package £60.00
Guarenteed to make you feel a million dollars, our 24k Gold Facial includes: 
• Microdermabrasion - Deep exfoliation removing top layer of skin
• Radiofrequency (with use of LED lights) - Skin tightening & colour therapy 
• 24k Gold Mask - Rejuvination & skin tighting improving overall plumptness 
*** please contact reception as we do have offers on our facials from time to time ***


We use Pierre renne Mineral make-up from foundation to lipstick for all of our make overs.

We are also a distributor for Pierre renne make up carrying a small stock within the salon, making life easier for you as you can purchase matching items once you are satisfied with the colours suit your complection.

Make-up   £18.00
Make-up with lashes    £23.00
Make-up Lessons   £20.00
Bridal make-up    £25.00
(Including Rehearsal)  
Bridal Package 1   £65.00
(includes bride and two bridesmaids)  
Bridal Package 2 £120.00
(includes two bridesmaids & mother of the bride)                                                                



Microdermabrasion is an non surgical procedure. A diamond tip wand that has been chosen to suit your specific skin is gently glided over the skin, erasing the dermal layers at varying depths in a controlled manner. This procedure promotes cell renewal and a healthy balanced skin. Following this it is then possible to improve or eliminate skin conditions.

This salon offers microdermabrasion and the following Advanced skin treatments:

Microdermabrasion   £25.00
30 mins  
Luxury Treatment    £50.00
60 mins inc special serum for skin condition & Ultrasound Therapy  
6 Luxuary Treatments £270.00
DISCOUNTED - if paid for in advance  
10 Luxuary Treatments £450.00
DISCOUNTED - if paid for in advance  

*** Immediate results after first treatment but for best results a course of 6 - 10 sessions is recommended ***

None Surgical Eye Lift

Slows and combats the effects of aging in the eye contour skin. Effective with droopy eye lids, wrinkle folds and accented bags and dark circles - please ask for more details

Aesthetics - Antiwrinkle

We offer a free friendly consultation. 

We cover a wide range of antwrinkle treatments at The Sun and Beauty Rooms ranging from Botulinum Toxin A, Dermal Fillers, Chemical skin peels.  Advanced skin care for problems suck as photoaging, rosacea, hyperpigmentation.



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