Complementary Therapies

Hopi Ear Candles
Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candles have been used for centuries throughout North America and Asia to treat ear problems.  As the candle burns down they perform a massaging funtion assisting relaxation as well as softening any impurities.  Hopi Ear candles have been known to be effective with ear nose and throat problems such as headaches, catarrh, sore throats, sinusitis, tonsillitis, flu and also excessive ear wax.

This Salon Offers Hopi Ear Candles

Both Ears                                                                                                                                       £25.00



Our Aromatherapy treatments are carried out by Karen Dixon who has over 15 years experience in Complementary Therapies. 

Essential oils contain Ketones, Esters Aldehydes and Carboxylic Acids which tend to bind to Plasma Albium. 

There are four types of Aromatherapy, Clinical, Stress Management, Beauty Therapy and Enviromentail Fragrancing.  They are also known as Psychotherapeutic, Esthetic, Holistic and Nursing Medical Aromatherapy. Psychotherapeutic Aromatherapy is ways in which smells or odours affect our brains and how they influence the productions of endorphins and noradrenalin.  Esthetic Aromatherapy is about pleasure such as in perfumes.  Holistic Aromatherapy effects the mind, body spirit which involves supporting the client and not necessarily understanding the chemistry  of the essential oils or the pathological conditions for which they are appropriate. 

Why not experience the wonderful feeling from Aromatherapy, the beautiful aroma and the wonderful sense of wellbeing that it can give.

This salon offers the following treatments using Aromatherapy

Full Body Aaromatherapy Massage                                                    £45.00
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage                                                     £28.00
Full Facial                                                    £40.00
Mini Facial                                                     £32.00


Note:  Aromatherapy Oils can be blended in our Salon by karen dixon to the specific needs of the client as essential oils are effective with many conditions.  Following a consultation Hand, face creams, bath oils, massage oils can be blended in our salon for you to take away and use at home starting from as little as £8.00. We also offer Aroma jars which when are open covers upto 400 sq feet to assisit with relaxation, breathing issues and much more lasting for over 12 months. Ask at reception for further details.

Indian Head Massage
Indian Head

Indian Head Massage Is an ancient Indian technique carried out on upper back area, shoulders, neck and head.  Its  benefits are relief from stress and strains of every day life,giving a sense of  well-being, and psychological uplift as energy flows are re-balanced. The blood supply is increased, the circulation system is improved, the lymphatic system is improved and the condition of the hair is improved.  Facial pressure points are also carried out, andIndian Head massage can be carried out with or without oils. 

This salon offers Indian Head Massage

With Oils                                                    £27.00
Without Oils                                                    £24.00


Reflexology is a treatment for the mind, body and soul.  It has been known to induce sleep, relieve stress, therefore preventing stress related illnesses and create a sense of well-being.   Reflexology consists of 10 longitudinal zones throughout the body, five on each side and starting from the middle.  The zones run from the head to the toes.  The mapping of the feet enabled the mapping of the whole body, sensitivity is experienced when pressure is applied to a diseased organ.  We carry out Eunic Inghams method of Reflexology.

We are eperienced in Cancer care and Pregnancy.

This salon offers both Foot and Hand Reflexology

Full treatment - one hour £35.00 (when booking 5 sessions you get the 6th one free)

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

This is very luxurious and wonderful treatment. The body is gently exfoliated, followed by a relaxing massage with the added benefit of the theraputic properties of the stones. The treatment is finished with the balancing of the Chakra's leaving you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Hot Stone Massage                                                                                                                       £48.00


Mind Detox
mind detox

This is a proven method that is know to work with healing physical conditions, emotional issues, and help improve lifes circumstances. £45.00

Law of Attraction

The earth sends out to you what you are thinking about but It does not know if you are thinking posative or negativethoughts and  it sends out to you what you are thinking about, so therefore keep posative at all times and you will receive positive things in return.

Colour Therapy and Chakra balancing

All Colours have vibrations which have an effect on our body and mind.  Colours have an effect on our chakras whichn then have an impact on our body and mind

We offer colour therapy at The Sun and beauty rooms.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of spiritual healing and is carried out by the laying on of hands.  It allows a person to self heal. The work Re means "spiritually guided" and the work KI means " Life force Energy". 

It can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians, Atlanteans and Aztecs.  It is believed that it can be traced to ancient Buddhist Teaching of Dr Usui Senssei of Japan back in 1922.

How does Reiki work?

When a person has continued stress, worry, or anger then our bodies become low in the universal life force energy and we can get blockages which can result in weekening our immune system, poor health, low energy levels, lack of sleep, leading irratability.  

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy which can assist in unblocking the energy and thus leading to self healing.  Reiki is a natural way to heal oneself,and assist in wellbeing.

Reiki is unique as it taps into the Universal energy during the therapy session and does not use the energy from the practitioner.     

Can anyone practice Reiki ?

Attunments which direct the Reiki energy can only be given by Reiki Master/Teacher and this is in the from of attunments.  You will be natrually drawn to your Reiki Master/Teacher when the time is right for you to study Reiki.

Is it possible to have too much Reiki?

No it is not possible to overdose on Reiki treatments.

What is Reiki Massage?

Reiki is not a massage, but it can be combined with massage for Reiki healing.  

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is the use of spiritual energy to heal a persons aura or their mental/physical situation. 

This Salon offers Reiki at the following prices

Reiki Facial                            £30.00
This is a relaxing facial treatment lasting for 30 minutes using natural Spa products combined with the benefit of receiving reiki and Chakra balancing.  Why not add a little luxury whilst receiving Reiki.


Reiki facial

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is availabe in salon or online via zoom/whatsapp/messenger

What is Hypnotherapy

The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis state that hypnotherapy is a therapy which involves using the imagination where the therapist guides the client and this is achieved by giving the client suggestions that can promote changes in them.  Hypnotherapy can give the client different perceptions and enable them to experience different emotions by changing the thaught process, aiding the client to behave differently.

How does hypnotherapy work?

The way hypnosis works is by the conscious mind being side stepped using a state of trance and the new ideas and suggestions being placed directly into the unconscious mind. The general hypnotherapy register state hypnosis is an altered state of awareness and healing can be carried out by state of trance.

How do clinical hypnotherapy and a stage hypnotist differ?

Stage hypnosis gives us the assumption that the client is not in control and that the hypnotist is in control.  The general hypnotherapy register make us aware that participants in a stage act are an entirely voluntary process and so therefore their permission has already been given to the hypnotis and that the volunteers are  unaware of exactly what they are letting themselves in for. 

When hypnotherapy is carried out by a hypnotherapist the client is always in control of the session, hypnotic trance can not be used to control or compel someone to act differently to their moral code, or how they would find something shameful or embarrassing.

Will i be asleep and not remember anything? 

It is not a sleeping therapy and therefore the client will always be aware of what is being said to them, again this is different to stage hypnosis where the hypnotist usually shows the client sleeping and using words such as 'sleep'. 

Stage hypnosis is responsible for many people being afraid of hypnosis and thinking they may not wake up.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy is effective with the following:-

  • Stress
  • phobias
  • fears
  • panic attacks
  • lack of confidence
  • pain both physical and emotional
  • weight control
  • smoking cessation
  • Nail biting

and much more.

What can i expect the first time experience hypnotherapy?

A full consultation is carried out by our qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist before any treatment can begin.  During the consultation the therapist takes notes.  This can take approximately 20 minutes.

With the information given during the consultation the therapist will decide which technique to use for the therapy.  This usually begins with a slow induction, relaxation and then followed by the technique.  The client is usually surprised as to how  refreshed they feel and how they can remember what has been said but strangely how the time has gone so quickly.

The client will be given aftercare advice.


  • Follow treatments are necessary
  • a cd is given to listen to at home.

The whole treatment is confidential and all aspect of Health and Safety rules and regulations are adhered to.

We look forward to your call and to helping you change your thought process and improving your life.

Karen Dixon offers Clinical Hypnotherapy 

  • Therapy sessions start at £40.00 per hour

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